Hide Skimmer Lids

HIDE Skimmer Lid Kits

HIDE Skimmer Lid Kits


HIDE Skimmer Lids not only look amazing, but provide superior safety and performance.  They are 100% pool-safety compliant, providing peace of mind for both homeowners and contractors.

Homeowners are insisting on HIDE, because HIDE covers offer a safe and elegant finish to pool and landscaping surrounds. The alternative would be traditional bulky covers and grates, which end up as an eyesore in the outdoor area.

The simplicity of the HIDE system is excellent for the tiler also, due to the ease of installation and the flexibility of matching up patterns and grout lines through the lid.



  • HSL342-10 Lid to suit 10 to 12 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-15 Lid to suit 12 to 15 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-20 Lid to suit 15 to 20 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-30 Lid to suit 20 to 30 mm inlay material
  • HSL342-40 Lid to suit 30 to 40 mm inlay material
  • HDC314-10 Drain cover to suit 8 to 11 mm inlay material
  • HDC314-20 Drain cover to suit 15 to 22 mm inlay material
  • HDC314-30 Drain cover to suit 25 to 32 mm inlay material


AVAILABLE FOR USE WITH 10MM,20MM AND 30MM TILES. Price for linear  lid only -1210 lengths. Also recommended with order is ,inclusion of  End Caps and Finishing Kit. (Corners and  Tile Ege Trim optional.) Please note that price does not include drains which we do not supply but are available from most hardware stores.