Bluestone Pavers - Melbourne

On the hunt for beautiful, cost-effective bluestone pavers near you in Melbourne? At Canterbury Stone, we’re your number one stone supplier, with a stunning collection of bluestone pavers that are contemporary and full of undeniable character.

Famous for its warm charcoal and grey tones, bluestone remains one of the most popular and widely used stones in architecture around the world. Here at Canterbury Stone, we stock a beautiful collection of bluestone that’s durable and looks great.

Commonly used in courtyards, driveways, pool coping, pathways, stone wall cladding, garden paving and more, bluestone is versatile, affordable and dynamic. With Storm, Aero, Ant Line and Sky (limited) bluestone available, we’re sure to have something for residential and commercial properties of all styles, shapes and sizes.

Paver Sizes 12mm*

  • 600x300x12
  • 600x600x12
  • 800x400x12


  • 300-400×30
  • 400-500×30
  • 500-600×30
  • 600-800×30
  • 800-1000+x30
  • 500-600x20mm
  • 600-800x20mm

Paver Sizes 20 + 30mm*

  • 400×400
  • 500×500
  • 600×300
  • 600×400
  • 600×600
  • 800×400
  • 800×800
  • 1000×500
  • 1200×600
*not all sizes are available in all types of bluestone

Coping Sizes*

  • 500x250x30drop60
  • 600x300x20drop40
  • 600x400x20drop40
  • 600x400x30drop60
  • 800x400x20drop40
  • 800x400x30drop60
  • 1000x350x20drop40
  • 1000x350x30drop60
  • 1000x350x30drop80
  • 1000x500x30drop60
Slabs up to 2100x1000x30mm
Cobbles  100x100x30-40mm

Our Collection

In addition to our bluestone pavers, we have a varied and extensive collection of natural and man-made stone products to help bring your landscape to life. Our collection of low-price products includes:

To help ensure the smooth completion of your project, we’d be more than happy to put you in touch with Melbourne’s most trusted landscaping companies who can offer a complete range of services from design to installation. No matter what the size or scope of your project, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your vision is met and your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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Whether you need Bluestone stepping stones, pool tiles, wall cladding or anything else in between, the Canterbury Stone team is here to help. Contact us today at 0409 198 379 to make your order or book an appointment to visit our Camberwell showroom and see our products for yourself.